Monthly Archives: September 2013

Healing Ancient Wounds

As fragile human beings there is one experience above all that connects and reinforces the closeness of our shared human condition. Howling with newborn lungs, we are all equally powerless as we emerge screaming into this complex and beautiful world. We have no voice, no choice but to take our first feeble breaths of air […]

A Brief History of Anger: The Gathering Storm

The vast record of our ancient forefathers reveals a past shrouded in the mysteries of story, myth and religious belief. These tales and recurring clashes evoke deep reflection as they expose a startling view of the influence that anger continues to exhibit over our society. The projections of anger onto supernatural beliefs has been recorded […]

The Hazards of Suppression

When it comes down to it, the most common type of individual with anger issues is a person who suffers from a mixture of stress, anxiety, and repressed emotions. These three basic factors, induced by the electrifying pace of our high-speed society, are often the underlying sources of anger and it’s associated mental health issues. […]

The Divisive Danger of Perpetual Anger

There is nothing more divisive nor more destructive in this world than the misappropriated use of anger. Physiologically speaking, anger is an aroused state in which the mind’s attention is focused on a potential threat. A burst-pulse of adrenaline causes an instant rise in heart rate and blood pressure, breathing becomes deeper and faster, blood […]