The Divisive Danger of Perpetual Anger


There is nothing more divisive nor more destructive in this world than the misappropriated use of anger. Physiologically speaking, anger is an aroused state in which the mind’s attention is focused on a potential threat. A burst-pulse of adrenaline causes an instant rise in heart rate and blood pressure, breathing becomes deeper and faster, blood is diverted from the organs to the muscles, and thinking becomes more primitive with the absence of modern intelligence. Exacerbating the issue is the misunderstanding and stigma attached to those suffering with mental health disorders. This combination is anything but straightforward, as anger can be both blinding and utterly uncompromising – the perfect ingredients for a spicy stew of rage. The harmful effects of this basic human emotion can be observed globally in every household, school, and hospital, in every battleground and conquered capital. The barbarism of anger’s self-justifying nature can be forcibly felt in every spectrum of life and in every passage of history.


…and that is why it perplexes the hell out of me that the application of hate and resentment continues to be the favored strategy of world leaders and regular citizens alike in many parts of the world. Haven’t we learned from the mistakes of old? Rather than apply energies to constructive behaviors, these archetypes tend to choose a state of perpetual fury, a dangerous cycle of suppression and detonation. This unhealthy conditioning is associated with a myriad of mental health issues, most notably chronic depression and borderline personality disorder. In conjunction with other mood disorders, explosive anger can eventually even lead to the ending of careers and the destruction of homes, families and friendships. Yet the stark reality is that those suffering with debilitating mental health disorders often go unheard. These people are often labeled and find barriers in all aspects of their professional and personal lives.

Doesn’t he look REALLY angry?^

With this in mind, it is with utmost sincerity that I present to you Rageaholics Anonymous! This blog will represent my attempt at researching, understanding, and engaging in dialogue on all fronts of anger and chronic rage. I am open for discussion and/or passionate debate on any topic. In our fast-paced, cutting-edge society sharing is easier than ever so share your feelings and let’s heal the world!

A clear definition of anger coupled with the optimistic and helpful approach offered by the The Human Givens Institute can be found here:


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