The Hazards of Suppression


When it comes down to it, the most common type of individual with anger issues is a person who suffers from a mixture of stress, anxiety, and repressed emotions. These three basic factors, induced by the electrifying pace of our high-speed society, are often the underlying sources of anger and it’s associated mental health issues. Reports and statistics are beginning to prove what many have often commiserated about – our globalized world isn’t necessarily in line with the pursuit of happiness. In Canada, hate crime reports jumped by 42% in the year 2011, surprising evidence to support the theory of anger on the rise. But are we keeping up with the increased need for help? Addictive behaviors are one of the first signs of a depressed or over-stressed individual, and it’s impossible not to conclude that the rise of addiction in society is directly attributed to our anxiety-laden lifestyles. Stress has more dire physical implications as well. Cortisol, also known as the stress-hormone, is capable of suppressing the immune system’s response to damage or invading pathogens. New research has even begun to show links between bottling up of emotions and an increase in cardiovascular and cancer risks.


It’s terrifying to think how powerful and controlling this basic emotion can be, how it can rule our lives with an iron-fist or even exude into our surroundings through passive aggression. For those consumed by anger, escape can seem nigh impossible. Extremism around the world is in fact inspired by such ancient and archaic rage, utilizing individuals who take pride in their self-righteous judgement to justify violence. So what can be done to stop hatred? How can we put an end to something so old and so intertwined within our history?


The first step is education. Knowledge is power – the sexy, seductive kind of power too. When you have knowledge, you gain greater freedom of expression and thus truer freedom of will. The continuous, constructive breakdown of information is imperative to a deeper understanding of the world around us, as it is constantly changing and evolving. Luckily for us adaptability is amongst the strongest of human traits, but it remains up to each and every individual to continue the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. With this wisdom comes the ability to fully accept one another, to attain forgiveness and reconciliation, and finally, the ability to love.

keep calm

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