The Enamoured Heart

Love is a curious, mysterious thing. It is an always distant, ever persistent ache that can’t quite be measured or defined by those left outside of its burning grasp. The littlest of us can wield it with an unabashed vigor borne of innocence and naivety; their mothers empowered by the maternal rushes of driven determination. Then there are the adolescents who fall lost when love meets lust in a cavalcade of chemicals. As adults, the elegant, eloquent splendor of ladylike beauty can make grown men tremble from afar, and their counterparts quiver in the anticipation of passion. It can ignite wars, or end them. It can crumble empires, or inspire the brave to defend them. It can deceive the mind with blindness more pure than the darkest night, yet a heart enamored will eternally shine with the sun’s glowing grandeur. These simple truths define the spirit of love; infinitely prevailing over hatred and fear. To love is to be human. To love is to be alive.


i’m powerless over this mysterious pull
this elusive dream so torrential
ache for a kiss and wait for the fall
wake up and try to remember it all
but even sundrenched and bruising blue
the sky is nothing compared to you
crushed on the rocks like a wreck of ships
entangled and landlocked by swollen lips
i breathe in the horizon, i breathe in the mist
and i’m yours for the taking
feel the wind on your delicate skin
free from a world of ancient sin
spill your heart out and let me in
i’m yours for the taking


  1. The image titled “Hearts On Fire” (blue and aqua with floating red hearts) is the copyright protected work of artist Sharon Cummings. It is being used here without permission or attribution. This is illegal activity. Please remove this image from your site. Sharon Cummings​

    1. My sincerest apologies, the picture has been removed. It is a gorgeous piece of art!

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